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German Teen: Sharing my wife beim wichsen beobachtet

It looks like a pretty tight fit for a while but she warms up to it and has quite a passionate session with the toy. Then with her dress pulled up she bends over on her knees revealing a spectacularly shapely underside. She has many aliases Cimade, Diamond, Henriet, Henriet Simony, Henriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Heny, Simon Diamond, Simona, Simona Banfi, Simona Diamond, Simona Giglio, Simone Diamond, Simone Simmons, Simoni Diamond, Simony, Simony Giglio. Well, Simony mustve had an extra share of that Hungarian honey sauce, because she turned out a serious cut above the rest of those Hungarian sluts. She presses the vibrating tongue against her clit and starts to juice up as she comes to an orgasm. This is an angelic knockout from the land of angels and knockouts, otherwise known as Budapest, Hungary, where they must put something in the water to breed such beauties. With her gorgeous hams, heaving boobs, and thick pouty lips, theres just too many options to suck, grab, squeeze, and bury your virtual cock rocket. What else can we say about tall, leggy, buxom and curvy Simony Diamond, except pass the lube and the Kleenex, pronto? Her very supportive husband realized it would be a sin to keep those goods to himself, and he helped her launch her career.


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